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Sun, Mar 05


Danielle van Bakel

KIVA | The Call of the Wisdom Keepers

A film by Marijke Kodden & Jaap Verhoeven. Produced by Marijke Kodden & Rakinah Buttner.

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KIVA | The Call of the Wisdom Keepers
KIVA | The Call of the Wisdom Keepers

Tijd en locatie

Mar 05, 2023, 1:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Danielle van Bakel, Gontrode Heirweg 141, 9090 Melle, België

Over het evenement

At the beautiful Organic Farm ‘De Dwarsligger’ in Melle, we will come together for the screening of the KIVA documentary and listen to the Wisdom of our Special Guests / Wisdom Keepers. But also enjoy a beautiful dinner with ingredients from the farm.  With special guests:  * Annelies Theelen (Elder - The Netherlands) * Toroa Aperahama (Maori Elder - New-Zealand) * Sharon Healey (Elder - Australia) * Music: to be announced

Synopsis: In 1968, medicine man Raymundo Tigre Perez (Mexico/USA) had a vision. He saw indigenous Wisdom Keepers from all over the world united in a circular pit - with a fire in the heart - performing a ceremony. A spiritual ceremony for the earth, for peace and well-being of all living beings. Only later did he discover that this was a KIVA, an ancient ceremony already used by the Anasazi 3000 years ago. Hundreds of native Wisdom Keepers answered his call and these KIVA ceremonies have been taking place around the world for more than 30 years. The KIVA ceremony is a collective call from the entire indigenous population: they have never lost touch with nature and with their ancient wisdom they can lead us to a more connected and sustainable way of life!  

In this documentary we get a unique view of the KIVA ceremony, where indigenous Wisdom Keepers gather around a sacred fire and express their love via prayers, ancient rituals, songs and dance. But they also share their concern about the care for Mother Nature and humanity! Because of the moving prayers and the impressive conversations with the Wisdom Keepers – the viewer is invited to reflect upon how to heal our relationship with the Earth. ‘Because she is crying and is calling her children home!’  

And so the Wisdom Keepers carry out their final call through KIVA ceremonies all over the world. At the same time they bring healing and solutions through their ancient rituals, prayers and indigenous wisdom.  

Marijke Kodden started filming at the unique KIVA ceremonies in Holland in 2018 and travelled to the KIVA in Mexico, India and back to KIVA Holland in 2019. Many Wisdom Keepers were interviewed and together with best friend Rakinah Buttner and Jaap Verhoeven (who got involved in 2021 and joined at KIVA Germany) a hopeful documentary was created, as the KIVA shows us how we can heal our relationship with the Earth!  

To get a first impression, here a short aftermovie of KIVA Mexico:  

Special Guests:  

* Annelies Theelen (Elder - The Netherlands) Annelies has been involved with the KIVA ceremonies since 2017. She is a Dutch Elder and guides people to live from the heart, in light and love. She works with respect for everyone's authentic quality and finds her inspiration in the way the bees work together: how they make the Gold together, the honey. It's about balance and harmony. Annelies came into contact with the knowledge of the Elder Futhark Runes through our European ancestors.  

* Toroa Aperahama (Maori Elder - New-Zealand) Raised and taught the traditional wisdoms of his ancestors - by his grandmother Te Wharehau - he has spent his life connected to his Tupuna (ancestors) working and walking both sides of the physical and spiritual world. Toroa has been associated with the KIVA ceremony since 2017. He was renewed to come over from New Zealand and has remained expired in Europe. 

 * Sharon Healey (Elder - Australia) Sharon was born in Australia, her ancestral roots to Europe come from her parents, her mother born in Croatian and her father born in the United Kingdom. Sharon has returned back to her roots to share the knowledge she carries within. She tells of the old energies of Avalon that were lost to humans as the planet’s vibration decreased, and explains how Avalon can be part of the planet once again. Sharon states: “We are here to bring balance to the reality of being human and spirit at the same time, and how we must live as human beings to make less impact on the planet”.  

Voor inhoudelijke vragen over de KIVA vertoningen, mail naar  

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