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Fri, Apr 26

| @vzw Dwarsligger

Tantra - Secret Gardens 3 - Shapeshifting the Spirit of Sexuality

This workshop is organized by Tantra Community:

Tantra - Secret Gardens 3 - Shapeshifting the Spirit of Sexuality
Tantra - Secret Gardens 3 - Shapeshifting the Spirit of Sexuality

Tijd en locatie

Apr 26, 2024, 6:00 PM – Apr 28, 2024, 4:30 PM @vzw Dwarsligger, Best 'vzw Dwarsligger' intikken in de gps, Gontrode Heirweg 141, 9090 Melle, België

Over het evenement

There is an inner garden of desire that is rarely revealed. Maybe you have explored it already a little by yourself, or in your couple. But at the threshold of this place often there are a couple of dragons keeping guard. Some lingering shame or doubt, some fear of rejection, or just a lack of imagination. And yet a lot of people have questions about the way they experience their sexuality. The heights and the depths of what is possible. The hidden paths of connection that may have flared up for a moment, then disappeared, the veins of lust and pleasure that are hidden under the surface.  Often what is needed to explore this Garden, is time and a feeling of safety. Some arrows and directions to wander into the unknown. A good sense of humor and an experimental setting. And a warm environment in which to work, come together, and share our experiences.

When we say we want to ‘shapeshift’ the spirit of sexuality, we want to liberate desire and pleasure from their usual connotations and sexually limited context. The union of bodies does not just take place during intercourse. It is a creative and endlessly changing vibration that flows between people, but also out into the world. We can make love without touching, exchange bodies with each other, be touched by the elements and objects around. We learn to make use of all our different bodies: physical, but also mental, emotional and energetic. And together we create beautiful waving bliss-bodies of fun and pleasure, but we also work through the emotional release of pain, shame and negativity.


This is a workshop that is open to everyone that is ready to open up and go truly naked to the core. You do not need to be in a couple, but it is for sure great to enter this experiment with your partner. Most important is your willingness to listen, to your own body and the body of your partner. To go deep, and not push into the highway of orgasm-as-you-know-it. To be light and experimental in your approach. To allow gates to be opened you never thought of entering… 


We ask you to apply with a motivation, in which you clearly describe what you want to explore and work with in this series, what your challenges are, and what you are afraid of.  You can send your motivation to:, and we will contact you as soon as possible. The workshop is in English and Dutch.


You pay 600 for the series of 3 weekends, exclusieve of food and accomodation. If you choose to follow only one workshop, you pay 250 euros. Food is paid at the weekend itself (50 euro per weekend)

  • 26.01 – 28.01 in Brussel (winter location) SECRET GARDENS - THE SECRET OF SACRED UNION
  • 08.03 – 10.03 in Brussel (winter location) SECRET GARDENS - KINKY SHIFTS
  • 26.04 – 28.04 in Melle (summer location) SECRET GARDENS - SENSUAL SHAPESHIFTING

More details on the weekends focus can be discovered on the website.

Deel dit evenement

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